Testing Activities

In the area of hygiene products Hy-Tec conducts laboratory tests on all kinds of baby diapers, feminine hygiene articles, hygiene-papers, wipes, cotton- and incontinence products and wound-care systems. The testing includes the evaluation of raw materials used for these hygiene products.

Hy-Tec has an approval by the German MDS (Medizinischer Dienst des Spitzenverbandes Bund der Kranken­kassen) organisation for the approval procedure for incontinence products. This applies as well for some other European countries.

Our membership and active input in international industry associations (EDANA-European Disposables and Nonwovens Association/DIN committee Tissue) ensures a continuous up-date of test procedures and enables the detection of the latest trends in the industry.

Hy-Tec is testing:

  • Baby Diapers
  • Femine Hygiene Articles (Napkins, Pantyliners and Tampons)
  • Incontinence Products
  • Cotton Products (Sticks, Pads, etc.)
  • Hygiene Paper (Wipes, Handkerchieves, Kitchentowels, Toilet-Paper, etc.)
  • Wound Dressings , First-Aid-Kits
  • Dry-/Wet-Wipes on Tissue and Nonwoven Basis
  • New Product Concepts

in regard to product-typical consumer-related performance criteria and evaluates general important features of the product set-up.

Hy-Tec is testing with use-related widely-accepted lab test methods and in accordance with standard procedures of EDANA and international standards (DIN/EN/ISO).

The methods applied by Hy-Tec for single products had been developed in close co-operation with international industry organisations and are subject to continuous updates according to the requirements of the developing market.

Product specifications and Product performance

Hy-Tec provides, consults and mediates for

  • Product Specifications
  • Optimisation of Product Performance
  • Quality Control Purposes
  • Test Plans and Matrices


Hy-Tec controls the compliance of

  • Product quality
  • Product performance

Approval procedures for incontinence products

  • Hy-Tec conducts evaluations on incontinence products according to the MDS in Germany required for approval procedures. This applies as well for some other European countries.